Montag, 13. Mai 2013

Presence and things that might be

Aaaaawwww little Eiri changed her hair-color to disguise herself. And Zao braided her hair to make her look like one of the common 'blackblood' girls in town.
Since the guards are searching for our group, Archimede had to change her appearance. Therefore we bought a mask that creates the illusion of her being a human girl.

Identities....As a child, Archimede would have given anything to look like a normal human.

Gilrod the thief is molesting little Archi. That prick!

I finally finished the sketch of Archimede and Ryaku. And by now, the scene actually happened. :-D I lol'd and she wasn't that amused.... BUT she learned how to use the bow.
Aaaand the future version of Archimede. Pretty cool, huh? XD The hat is a trophy. Her former 'teacher' wore it... till she finished him off.