Montag, 20. Mai 2013

Random Crap

!!!!!!!! Grouphug !!!!!!! *love*
Alternate Universe - Zao, Eiri, Nish, Saruun, Archi

Apparently, we're getting more and more 'group members'.

Ryaku is quite strong, so Zao feels unappreciated.
Baby-Archi with her beloved mother.

Worst day EVER. First of all, we're being attacked by a creepy shadow-girl. Then the whole city explodes and we miss a friend that might be stuck in the flames. We also can't reach our other friends and Ryaku tries to 'comfort' Archimede, who collapsed... gee... thanks...

Yeah... that's an alternative me, who dared to draw a kissing Ryaku and Archimede.
Just a test to see how their body heights differ.